Category: Fundamentals

Correct Grip

You do not think there is anything wrong with your set up or swing. However, you have a problem with power and accuracy.

Yardage Tools

You have a hard time telling distances on the course.

Amount of Roll

You need to know how much roll you will get with your wedges and short irons.

A Good Finish

You need more power but cannot seem to stop focusing on every detail of your swing.

How to Tip a Caddy

You do not know who to tip and who will be offended if you tipped them on at the golf course.

Green Reading Tip

You over analyze every bump and dip on the surface of the green and become confused about the break.

Logo Tips

You want to become more consistent.

Love Line Grip

You are wearing out your golf gloves mostly in just one spot where a hole forms.


You just do not feel good about your swing overall.

Inside the Heel

You cannot remember where to place the ball with most of the clubs in your bag.