Category: Fundamentals


You want to improve your game all around.

Practice Your Shot

You take a practice swing but it is mostly for show or you are a player that needs many practice swings.

Highest Scorer

You play with more experienced players and have the strokes on your scorecard.

Reaching For It

You tend to feel as if you are reaching for the ball or are uncomfortable at address.

Pros and Ams

You wonder what the common mistakes amateurs make.

Aim the Rake

Your sand shots to do not go where you are aiming.

Two Drivers

I have a friend that carries two drivers and wonder if it would benefit me to do the same.

Lofted Step

You have difficulty remember how high the ball should fly with each of your irons.

Distance From Ball

You need a drill to remember how far to stand from the ball.

Body Putter Rotation

You are using a body putter and notice that the putter does not swing along the target line.