Category: Fundamentals

Loft Control

You already understand how to change the loft by adjusting the clubface but you want to know how weight distribution changes it.

Direction Control

You need to learn how to control the direction of the ball flight.

Golf Balls

You do not know which types of golf balls are best for your swing.

Lag Putting

You are having difficulty reading the break on a long putt or you want to learn how to lag your putts.

Ball Selection

You are playing at a different course than usual and wonder what kind of balls to use.

Optical Illusion

Sometimes when you watch another player set up to the ball, the ball placement in their stance looks differently than it really is.

Backyard Practice

You want to improve how you practice

Rock Your Body

You second guess the distance you should stand from the ball and you feel this is causing your inconsistent shots.

Watch a Pro

You are going to a professional tournament and want to learn to become a better golfer as you do.

Proper Balance

You lose your balance. You might even say that you blackout a little, causing you to lose focus on the ball.