Category: Fundamentals

Putting Stroke

You are unsure about the difference between the swing required for short and long putts.

Index Finger

You need help getting the clubface square at impact.

Iron Trajectory

You want to learn how to control the height of your iron shots.

Abbreviated Swing

You need to work on your timing.

Legs Together

You are overusing your body to compensate for inadequate hip and shoulder turn, poor wrist cock, contact, or balance.

Forward Shoulder

You keep aiming or hitting too far right if you are right handed or left if you are left handed.

Curve It

You want to learn how to make the ball curve around obstacles.

Prevent Swaying

Swaying or sliding during your backswing and want longer drives.

Winning Clubs

You want to take several strokes off of your average game.

Timing the Stroke

You need to get a better feel for the golf swing.