Category: Fundamentals

Angle of Attack

You want to learn how to control the distance of your sand shots.

Daily Balance

You sway, lose sight of the ball, or step back during your swing due to poor balance, causing unpredictable ball flight.

U and V Swings

You have difficulty changing from woods to irons while playing because of the adjustment needed for the club type. You also want to learn how to use these swinging styles when you are stuck in a sand trap.

Grip Pressure for Putting

You want to help improve or establish the proper feel for putting by improving your grip.

Grip Pressure Points

You want to improve your grip so you can have a better feel for your swing.

Fist Drill

You want to make sure you are making a proper wrist cock during your backswing.

Read Your Divots

You want to learn how to tell when your divots indicate that there is a flaw in your swing.

Closed Clubface

You close the clubface too early during your swing, causing inconsistent contact with the ball.

One Move

You are looking for a simple way to improve your swing.

Chip and Run

The green is wet or it is windy and you have a short distance from the green but need enough loft to make it over a small obstacle or a high fringe.