Category: Green

Watch It

You are not improving on your ability to read the break.

Optimist Putter

You know before making or completing the stoke that you are not going to make the putt.

Left to Right Putts

You need to sink a left-to-right putt but are much better at putting right-to-left putts.

Save Par

You usually three or four putt and want to lower your score.

Three Angles

You want to improve your ability to read the green.

Grass Temperature

You want to know how the temperature changes the blades of grass and speed on the greens.

Gimmie Putts

You miss a putt that is four feet away from the pin or closer.

Putting Arm

You want to improve your putting accuracy.

Aim Your Palm

You have a hard time putting along the target line.

Mirror Putting

You need to improve your aim on putts.