Category: Green

Putt to a Tee

You need to work on your putting stroke to help gain the proper feel for distance, speed, and aim.

Inside or Outside Putting

Your putts are not rolling true to your intended putting line.

Beer Bottle Drill

You are looking for a fun way to practice or improve your putting skills.

Tripod Putting

Your putting stroke is often jerky or outside of the intended putting line. This could be caused by placing your bodyweight onto your putter, forming a tripod setup.

Zazen Breaths

You have difficulty relaxing before making your putts.

Perfect Putting Routine

You have difficulty putting due to overanalyzing or trying too hard to make the perfect putt.

Straight Putting

You are cutting across the ball when putting. The ball rolls much slower and off the intended target line.

Coming Up Short

You have a great line but the ball comes up short of the hole.

Solid Wrist for Solid Putts

You come a few feet short of the hole because you allowed your top wrist to break down at impact. This causes the blade of the putter to pass your hands at contact.

Plumb Bobbing

You are having difficulty reading the break in the green.