Category: Green

Practice the Putt

You putt better without a practice stroke but you need to improve on accuracy.

Pace It

You are having difficulty feeling the correct pace or distance of your putts.

Tee Putting Drill

You need to work on your putting speed.

Change Your Focus

You have the putting yips.

Yips At Impact

The clubhead moves unexpectedly just before impact.

Important Perspective

You become overwhelmed while visualizing your line on the putting green because of all of the possibilities.

Aim Then Setup

You are having inaccuracy problems while putting but you know your feet and shoulders are aimed correctly.

Controlling Putt

You have a short distance to putt the ball and it should be easy for you. However, you cannot make a smooth stroke because you are trying to control or guide the ball to the cup. Even knowing this is the problem, it is hard to stop yourself from doing it.

Two Breaks

As you approach the green, you notice that there are two different breaks in the green between your ball and the flag.

Use a Level

You can find the small details on the green but the major breaks seem to elude you.