Category: Green

Green Reading Tip

You over analyze every bump and dip on the surface of the green and become confused about the break.

Imaginary Line

You want to work on how you visualize your line on the putting green.

Backspinning Putts

The ball pops off of the face of the putter or you see too much backspin.

Aim Your Eyes

You need to improve on putting accuracy.

Sliding Hips

The ball seems to roll much faster than you it should based on your stroke length and power but you cannot pinpoint the reason why.

Guiding finger

You are having a hard time putting straight along your line or have the yips.

Sleeve Drill

You have a lot of leg or knee movement while putting and make poor contact because of it.

Long Putting Control

You need to work on distance control with your long putts.

Off the Toe and Heel

You pendulum putt a lot off of the toe and heel of your putter.

Overshooting Long Putts

You always overshoot your long putts when you have a downhill lie.