Category: Green

Stay Down

You have a hard time making the short to medium length putts.

Die Downhill Putts

You often end up with a long second putt after lagging a downhill putt to the hole.

Rocking Knee Putt

You have tried changing your grip, putters, and even swing style. Yet, you still have the putting yips.

Grain Check

Without any extra effort or aggression, the ball is rolling faster for some of your putts than they are for other putts on the same green.

Putter First

You are having difficulty aiming your putts.

Aim Your Shoulders

You feel you are correctly set up for putting with a square putterface yet your putts are still consistently a rolling left or right of the target.

Over Thinking It

You look at your line from every direction possible and have worked on your aiming until it is very precise at home, yet you are still missing an excessive amount of putts.

Reading Tricks

You are having difficulties seeing the undulations of the green.

Several in a Row

You need to improve your putting skills or you tend to come up short on many of your putts.

Spot Putting

You tend to miss the majority of your long putts on the low side of the hole.