Category: Green

Wind on the Green

It is windy on the green but not windy where you are standing.

Elevated Green

You have to putt on an elevated green and you have a hard time reading the break.

Lob and Putt

You want to lower your score.

Preshot Putting

You forget or do not ever do a preshot routine before putting and you need better control over the speed of your putts.

Softer Pace

You have a downhill putt with a large break.

Belly Putter Inconsistency

You keep missing your putts to the left and right of the cup and you are using a belly putter.

A Hilly Putt

Your putt starts uphill a little before it drops downhill to the cup. You tend to come up short of the hole on hilly putts.

Set the Face

You are having difficulties aiming while putting.

Short and Quick Putting

When you get nervous, your putts become short and quick. This, of course makes you miss the cup.

Lighter Grip Lob

You have a tendency to grip the club too tight and you are having difficulties with your lob shots.