Category: Green

Steep Putt

You have a steep, downhill putt.

Three Speeds

When you get nervous, the speed of your putting increases.

Soft Greens

The greens are really soft.

Pull Through Impact

You notice that the ball wobbles as it rolls on the green while putting.

Feel the Weight

You want a more natural flow to your putts.

On the Mark

You keep picking your head up before you have completed your putting stroke.

Green Skid

Your putts keep skidding across the green.

Divide Your Putts

You are having difficulty reading the break on the green when there are more than one dip or bump along your line.

Putt Under a Club

You often look up during your putts. This causes you to pull your body back, moves the putter up higher during the stroke, and likely opens the putterface.

Hooked or Sliced Putts

Your putts keep curving or rolling to the left or right of the cup.