Category: Hooking

Chopping Wood

You hit a lot of balls off of the toe as well as see a lot of pull hooks and pull slices.

Weight on Heels

You hook the ball and notice that you almost drag the club back, inside of the target line.

Laid Off

You hit inconsistently with hooks and slices but it is not due to a poor coil, weight shift problem or posture.

Release for a Draw

You want to draw the ball but end up with a blocked shot or a duck hook.

Grip Position

Hooking, pulling, or slicing due to poor hand position.

Copy the Clubface

You hit inconsistently, hook, or slice the ball without a known cause.

Gentle Hook

You have a very bad hook and want an easy adjustment to reduce the severity of it.

Low Hook

You hit mostly hooks with a lower trajectory than desired.

Lower Hands

You have a hook that becomes a worm burner after flying for a short distance.

Snap Hooking

You hook the ball and it rolls more than it flies.