Category: Hooking

The Chicken Wing

Your ball hooked to the left side of the fairway due to a closed clubface at contact. You might have noticed that your forward arm formed into a chicken winged shape.

The Tee Shot for a Hooker

You hook the ball more times than you hit it straight. So how should you set up to the ball when you want it to fly as straight down the fairway as possible?

Too Inside Out

Your swing path is too much from inside, resulting in a draw or a hook.

Shaft Flex Causes Hooking

You hook the ball almost every time you use your driver. The clubhead is whipping towards the ball too quickly before your hands can follow and your bodyweight can shift onto your forward foot. This closes the clubface too much, thus causing a hook.

Swinging on a Steeper Plane

You need to improve your ability to escape from the deep rough. You have a problem hitting more grass than the ball due to a flat swinging plane. This will cause you to close your clubface and the ball will fly left of the target.

The Duck Hook

You have a severe hook or a snap hook. As soon as the ball leaves the clubface, you notice that it curves hard from right to left and it quickly loses loft. As you make contact with the ball, the clubface will point to the left of your intended target.

How to Initiate Your Backswing

Unable to gain momentum due to a poor path, plane, and tempo. If you focus too much on turning your torso without any wrist cock, it will cause you to swing outside of the target line. This can result in a push, pull, or even a snap hook. A very common problem results from not bringing…

A Pull or a Hook

For a right handed golfer, the ball flies to the left of the pin but you are unsure if it is a pull or a hook that is causing it.

The Ball Is Above Your Feet

Getting a draw, hook, or duffing the ball when it is lying above your feet because this makes the ball actually closer to your club than it would be if you were on a flat surface. The heel of the club touches the ground first and closes the face of the club.

A Balanced Arm Pull

Hitting fat, hooking, or slicing due to being pulled way from the ball in the backswing and pulled into the ball on the downswing, causing you to pull up. You will hit the ball off the toe or you?ll top it if you pull up too fast. You will hit the ball on the heel of the club, shank it or…