Category: Hybrids

Digging Middle Clubs

You are digging your middle irons, hybrids, and shorter woods into the ground. This is preventing you from completing a full finish.

Hybrid Extension

Your upper body tends to bop up and down when you are using a hybrid in the fairway.

Iron Wood Hybrid

You are having a hard time hitting your long irons or hybrids.

Hybrid in the Rough

You have difficulties hitting the ball out of the rough or you are wondering how to hit a hybrid out of the rough.

Downhill Hybrid Shot

You have a downhill lie and need to hit a long distance onto an uphill green.

Tight Fairways

You are about to tee up but notice that the fairway is very narrow or there is brush obstructing a clear shot.

The Hybrid Loft Conversion Guide

You would like to replace some of your traditional clubs with hybrid utility clubs, but are not sure where to begin.

Hybrid Setup from the Tee to the Green

A common problem when using hybrids is playing the ball too forward in your stance and taking a sweeping stroke as you would when using a fairway wood. This causes the club to be ascending as it reaches the ball and you will top it. Since Hybrid utility clubs can be used anywhere from the…

Chip with Your Hybrid

Poor chipping and iron play from just off the green.

Use Fairway Woods or Hybrids in the Bunker

Bunker in the fairway, your irons may dig into the sand too much, and you need more distance.