Category: Inconsistency

Level Turn While Driving

Too much loft due to too much of a lateral movement of your lower body during the downswing and turning your back hand under the forward hand.

Play a Round at the Range

You see little improvement after spending hours at the driving range.

Slow Down Your Swing

You are swinging your woods too fast, causing a loss of distance or an unpredictable ball flight. You might even swing so quickly that you stand up straighter during the forward swing, leading to a slice.

The Grip Pressure Test

A grip that is too strong or weak will influence the consistency and direction of your shots.

Chipping Yips

You shank, top, or hit the ball thin because you jerk the club or the clubhead is taking an upswing instead of a downward blow.

The Original X Factor

You need to hit further or just want to lean how the pros accomplish the X-factor. Overturning your hips causes a reverse pivot at the top of your swing, therefore placing too much weight onto your forward foot at the wrong point in your swing, leading to consistency problems.

Angle Your Feet for More Control

Decreased flexibility can prevent proper hip rotation and therefore power, causing you to sway during your backswing. This is a very common problem for senior golfers because their muscles tighten as they age, inhibiting a proper turn for a full swing.

Tension Kills the Game

When your arms are too tense, it prevents a natural flowing swing, then the ball will fly erratically and you will lose distance.

Consistent Pitching

You do not have the feel for pitching or are not very consistent at it. If you square your body to the target line, you will end up flicking your hands to help attempt to make clean contact.

Improve Your Downswing

The ball skips or hits the ground when teeing off before it rises into the air. Very often, this is because the person favors their irons, where they are used to making more of a downward blow at impact.