Category: Inconsistency

Gradually Accelerate for a Better Swing

Swinging too hard will cause a bad transition from the top of your swing and will lead to poor timing and inconsistency.

Chip with Your Hybrid

Poor chipping and iron play from just off the green.

Stop Flubbing Your Wedges

Wedge shots that fly short and unpredictably.

Barefoot Drill

Poor balance due to swinging too hard.

Consistent Ball Striking

Straightening out your hips during the backswing or a having a poor tempo can cause poor and inconsistent contact with the ball.

A Three Dimensional Swing for Better Contact

Failure to make proper contact with the ball due to a poor swing; causing you to hook, slice, top, or duff. You fail to make solid contact if you move your right elbow up and down because you don?t get the depth you need to make a full backswing turn.

Common Chipping Mistakes

Restricting your swing while chipping, not enough loft, or easing into the ball.

How to Use Your Fairway Woods on Par 5s

You feel like you are picking the club up in your backswing when hitting a fairway wood and then hitting down on the ball during impact.

How to Hit a Wedge Shot 40 Yards

The range of error for a forty yard wedge shot is huge because you can finish your shot between thirty five yards short of the target or sixty yards past it.

Prevent Tilts and Sways in Your Swing

Many people sway or tilt during their swing because they are not turning at the hips correctly. This will cause you to over swing your arms, prevent a proper weight shift, and take the club off of its swinging path.