Category: Inconsistency

Brush the Pocket

You wonder why you should not carry extra balls or gloves in your pants pockets.

Aim Then Setup

You are having inaccuracy problems while putting but you know your feet and shoulders are aimed correctly.

Around the Green Strategy

You are having a hard time making shots around the green.

Awkward Shank

Your swing feels awkward and you are suddenly shanking the ball.

Inconsistent Wedge Shots

You are having inconsistency problems while attempting to change the distances of your wedge shots.

Study the Scorecard

You want to improve your planning skills on the golf course.

Hand Tension Drill

No matter how much you try to regain control over the ball, you still seem to hit it off in random directions.

Spin It

You wonder why you are getting more roll than you are used to on a new course while chipping.

Pressure Killer

Anxiety destroys your rhythm and your round.

Flipping at Impact

You feel as if you are flipping the club through the impact zone.