Category: Inconsistency

Stiff Arms

You are making poor contact with a loss of distance.

Slower Tempo

You know that swinging at 80 to 85 percent power is ideal for gaining accuracy and distance. However, you cannot seem to do it.

Lost Your Swing

You have a hard time playing after a long break from golf or you suddenly feel as if you have lost your swing and cannot seem to get the hang of it.

Over the Ball Drill

You need to improve on your accuracy while putting.

Inconsistent Chips

You suddenly cannot chip well. One minute you are digging the club deep into the ground and the next you shanking or skulling the ball.

Logo Tips

You want to become more consistent.

Practice Notes

You cannot seem to play as well as you do when you are just practicing at the driving range.

Eyes Closed Drill

You cannot seem to get a feel for your swing and you do not think it is because of stress.


You have a really quick turn and inconsistent contact.

Restrict Your Hips

You have a very fast turn yet are not getting the power or accuracy that you desire.