Category: Inconsistency

Strict Boundaries

You need to improve on consistency on the tee box.

No Score

You need to improve your game overall.

Square Impact

Your shots are very inconsistent with just one club or club type.

Swing Change

You have been trying to change your swing but are unable to make flush contact with the ball when you do.

Consistent Plane

You need to improve your accuracy and power.

Fit and Balanced

You step one of your legs backwards during your swing.

Wrong Eye

You cannot seem to keep your head still throughout your swing regardless of swing style.

Longer Swing

Your short iron shots are inconsistent in direction and distance.

Index Finger Drill

You do not feel like you can control the club as usual.

Hands check

You are not hitting in the direction that you are aiming at but you know that your feet, hips, and shoulders are aimed correctly.