Category: Inconsistency

The Flicker

You have difficulties with controlling distances with shots around the green and you feel you have quick wrist movements.

See Your Hands

Your friends call you an army golfer because you swing hard and the ball tends to fly off to the left and right of the target.

Mid Backswing Position

You are having accuracy problems.

Laid Off

You hit inconsistently with hooks and slices but it is not due to a poor coil, weight shift problem or posture.

Check Your Thumbs

The clubface is not squaring at impact and it is not from the lack of forearm rotation.

Expected Roll

You need to improve on accuracy.

Forearm Tightness

Your game suffers because of excess tension in the lower part of your arms.

Pay Attention

You are having difficulty with your putting.

Copy the Clubface

You hit inconsistently, hook, or slice the ball without a known cause.

Balanced Start

You suffer from inconsistency problems.