Category: Inconsistency

Inconsistent Chips

The trajectories of your chip shots are very inconsistent.

Rock Your Body

You second guess the distance you should stand from the ball and you feel this is causing your inconsistent shots.

Turned Hands

You are not able to hinge your wrists properly during the backswing.

Towel Drill

You are not able to release the club or hinge your wrists during the backswing as you should.

Locked Upper Body

You make poor contact because your hands, arms, and body do not swing together or you try to swing too fast.

Jerky Takeaway

You have lost accuracy or speed due to a jerky backswing.

Legs Together

You are overusing your body to compensate for inadequate hip and shoulder turn, poor wrist cock, contact, or balance.

Heels Up Drill

You straighten your trailing leg during the backswing and lose balance or make poor contact with the ball.

On Your Toes

You lose balance and have noticed that you get up on your toes during the swing.

Unified Hands

The ball flies unpredictably or you wonder if your hands are moving on the grip during the swing.