Category: Inconsistency

Overlapping Grip Errors

You use the overlap grip and you make poor contact with the ball.

Release and Tempo

You hit the ball inconsistently because you swing too fast and this causes poor tempo and a limited release at impact.

Between Clubs Drill

You always use full power and have difficulty making in-between shots.

Bad Shot Drill

You are looking a way to improve on the difficult shots and on consistency.

Shanking Checklist

You are shanking the golf ball and are unsure why.


You suffer from weight shift problems. This could include finishing your swing with your body weight onto the back foot and lose power due to a reverse C finish or you do not transfer your weight from your front foot onto your back foot into a reverse pivot.

Overactive Hips

You swing off of the target line due to excessive spinning of the hips during your backswing. This causes an over the top swing with a loss of distance and accuracy.

The Wristy Driver

Your swing is inconsistent or too steep when using the driver because of excessive wrist or hand movement.

Behind the Ball

You want to improve your driving accuracy without making a lot of adjustments to your swing.

Flop Chip

You are usually unsuccessful at chipping due to excessive wrist movements.