Category: Inconsistency

Too Low

You lose distance and control because your takeaway is too low to the ground or you are trying too hard to create power.

One Unit

You swing too much with your hands or arms or possibly allow your shoulders to control your swing. This will cause you to have a poor tempo or swing too fast.

Common Pitching Errors

You are having difficulty pitching and cannot pinpoint the problem.

Target Net

You need to work on your consistency and trajectory with your iron shots.

Seventy Five Percent

You need to gain more control over your short and medium irons in order to make flush contact with the ball.

Poor Tempo

You do not have a smooth swing due pausing too long at the top of your backswing. This causes you to pull the club down hard to in an attempt to make up for the deceleration in your swing. You will likely hit the ball fat or have other undesirable results.

Stay Behind the Ball

You want the ball to fly further off of a tee shot.

Why Posture is So Important

You suffer from inconsistency problems due to poor posture. For instance, if you bend over too much, it will cause you to hit the ball fat. If you stand too straight, you are likely to shank the ball or hit it thin.

Off of the Toe

You hit the ball off of the toe with a mid-iron due to swinging on an in-to-out path. You may fail to release your hands and arms when you approach the hitting area because you are rotating and over extending your arms outward. Tension could also cause you to hit off of the toe of the club…

Posture Checkup

You need to learn a quick and easy way to check your posture or you want to try to correct a flaw in your swing with no known cause.