Category: Irons

Gradually Accelerate for a Better Swing

Swinging too hard will cause a bad transition from the top of your swing and will lead to poor timing and inconsistency.

Sidehill Lies Require an Upright Swing

Standing up as you swing because your sense of balance tries to keep you from falling down the slope or swinging too flat and hitting the ground before you make contact with the ball.

Hitting Harder at Impact

Straightening your arms too quickly and reducing the power of your swing.

Hitting From a Divot for Low Trajectory

Clubface opens at impact or needing a low trajectory.

Hitting the High Draw

Need to avoid obstacles in the fairway or make it around a dogleg with a powerful shot.

Barefoot Drill

Poor balance due to swinging too hard.

Texas Turn Down

You need to bounce the ball to the green when a bushes or trees are obstructing the lob shot or if a bump and run would leave the ball in the long rough. The Texas Turn Down can land the ball short of the green with enough over spin to bounce forward and run close to the pin.

A Three Dimensional Swing for Better Contact

Failure to make proper contact with the ball due to a poor swing; causing you to hook, slice, top, or duff. You fail to make solid contact if you move your right elbow up and down because you don?t get the depth you need to make a full backswing turn.

How to Create Spin on Iron Shots

It is very likely that you are flicking wrists or your left wrist is bent at impact.