Category: Irons

Awkward Shank

Your swing feels awkward and you are suddenly shanking the ball.

Beach Ball Golf

You are having a hard time hitting the ball straight.

Flipping at Impact

You feel as if you are flipping the club through the impact zone.

Aim With a Sticker

You are having difficulty controlling your yardages and accuracy with your short irons.

Five Iron Stinger

You want to learn how to hit a 5 iron stinger shot.

Compression with Irons

You are puzzled about what makes a professional golfer a good iron player.

Hip Delay for Power

You want hit your long irons further and more consistently.

Slicing With Irons

Someone told you to pronate and supinate your wrists in order to kill your slice but you do not know what this means or how to do it.

Hitting Thin

You are hitting the ball thin with your shorter irons.

Releasing with Irons

You do not know how the release should differ from long to shot iron shots.