Category: Irons

Excessive Loft

You feel that you are getting too much loft with your irons.

Draw and Fade

You know the basics on how to get a fade and a draw but your technique could be improved.

Deeper Divots

You really do not feel that you have a steep swing arc yet you are taking deep divots with a loss of distance.

Long Side Hill

You need to hit a long iron off of a side hill lie with the ball above your feet.

Professional Wrist

You are a duffer and need to improve hitting your middle to shorter iron shots.

Rip It

You play on a lot of courses that have long par 5s.

Amount of Bounce

You are wondering if you need more or less bounce with your irons.

Unintentional Fades

You fade the ball a lot, even when you do not intend to.

Longer Swing

Your short iron shots are inconsistent in direction and distance.

Shortened Flop

You keep coming up short on your flop shots.