Category: Irons

A Closed Clubface

You have difficulties hitting your long iron and tend to have a closed clubface at impact.

Turn the Knee

You are sliding too much of your bodyweight towards the target or are leaning towards it as you approach the ball.

Iron Control

You want to improve your ability to predict your iron shots.

Deep Divots

You lose distance and see really deep due to having a too steep of a swing.

Scooping It

You know you are supposed to hit down on the ball with your irons but you still seem to scoop with them.

Sticky Rough

The ball is sitting in the rye rough, still a good distance away from the green. You are worried about the grass catching and turning the clubhead.

Rolling Wrists

You do not feel a natural hinge in your wrists as you take the club back and notice that the ball either pulls or slices.

Above the Pin

The pin is over a hundred yards, downhill from where your ball is setting.

Tucked Elbow

You are confident that your body is square to the target at set up yet you still see mostly pulled iron shots with deep divots.

Chin Up

You noticed during short shots that halfway through the downswing, it feels a little stiff or jerky.