Category: Irons

Closed Clubface

You close the clubface too early during your swing, causing inconsistent contact with the ball.

Swinging From the Inside

You need more power and push or slice the ball because you have too steep of an out-to-in swinging path.

Glove Drill

When you swing, your arms and body are out of sync, causing your arms to fly out independently of your body. As a result you have poor contact and distance. You might notice that when you try to apply extra power on the ball that it hooks to the left.

Too Low

You lose distance and control because your takeaway is too low to the ground or you are trying too hard to create power.

Squaring the Clubface

You need to improve your hand rotation or squaring the clubface at impact.

One Unit

You swing too much with your hands or arms or possibly allow your shoulders to control your swing. This will cause you to have a poor tempo or swing too fast.

Downward Blow

You hit your woods better than your irons and want to improve on your iron shots. You may even notice a divot that begins before contact with the ball instead of after the ball as it should be when using your irons.

High Finish

You try to finish high during your follow through and notice that you suffer from a flying left elbow, if you are right handed. This can cause you to hit the ball with the heel of the club, hit the ball thin, or see pushed shots because you are squaring the clubface with your body instead of your hands and arms.

Hinge Drill

You need to encourage a proper release of the clubhead at impact.

Target Net

You need to work on your consistency and trajectory with your iron shots.