Category: Irons

Fly Far and Land Quick

You want to hit a slight draw with a 3 or a 5 iron off of the tee but you need the ball to stop quickly with limited roll.

Hard or Soft Swing

You need to decide between using two clubs. Your options are to hit a hard shorter iron or a soft longer iron.

The Compact Iron Shot

When you take a shortened swing with your irons, the ball flies weakly to the right.

Heeling and Blocking

Hitting off of the heel of the club with your woods. Pushing or slicing your irons due to a blocking action with your irons.

The Short Iron Punch

The wind is blowing into your face and you are about 100 yards from the pin.

Using a Tee on a Par Three

You are uncertain if you should be using a tee on a par-3.

Seventy Five Percent

You need to gain more control over your short and medium irons in order to make flush contact with the ball.

Topping or Hitting It Thin

You top the ball or hit above center with the clubhead traveling on too high a line resulting in a weak fade.


You shank the ball; this causes the ball to fly off towards the right after making contact with the neck of the club. It happens because you swing too fast, off plane, over-the-top or away from your body. It is common to shank the ball if you are playing an extreme fade from a sand bunker.…

Add Distance and Overspin when Laying Up

You want to draw the ball using your 5-iron and gain additional yardage. This can be achieved by adding overspin to the shot.