Category: Irons

Swinging on a Steeper Plane

You need to improve your ability to escape from the deep rough. You have a problem hitting more grass than the ball due to a flat swinging plane. This will cause you to close your clubface and the ball will fly left of the target.

Off of the Toe

You hit the ball off of the toe with a mid-iron due to swinging on an in-to-out path. You may fail to release your hands and arms when you approach the hitting area because you are rotating and over extending your arms outward. Tension could also cause you to hit off of the toe of the club…

Green Shot Out of the Light Rough

The ball is lying in the low to medium rough and the pin is very close to the fringe.

Thin Shot to the Right

You hit a 3-iron off of the tee a little thin and off towards the right of a tight fairway.

Slow Down Your Irons

The ball pulls to the right when using your irons due to swinging too fast.

The Low Runner

Needing a low and dependable shot with irons during high wind or you need to shoot under an obstacle on the course.

Hit Out of a Divot

Your ball landed in a divot and you end up skulling it. When you scoop the ball, you make contact with the leading edge of the club, causing it to skull the ball.

Fix Your Push or Pull

The ball pushes to the right or pulls to the left when using your irons.

Angle Your Feet for More Control

Decreased flexibility can prevent proper hip rotation and therefore power, causing you to sway during your backswing. This is a very common problem for senior golfers because their muscles tighten as they age, inhibiting a proper turn for a full swing.

Hitting the 3 Wood Stinger

You are on a narrow fairway or it is very windy so you need to keep the ball lower.