Category: Irons

High Draw

You need a draw but at the same time you require increased loft.

High Fade

You need a high flying left to right shot that lands softly.

Low Fade

You need a fade but at the same time have to keep the ball low. Reducing the underspin on the ball will help keep it low and come in from the left side of the target.

How to Punch

There is a crosswind, a headwind, or your ball is stuck in the rough and under a tree or another obstacle, forcing you to take a short and low shot.

Tension Kills the Game

When your arms are too tense, it prevents a natural flowing swing, then the ball will fly erratically and you will lose distance.

Drills To Help You Gain a Wide Swing Arc

You need to improve your swinging technique to gain extra yardage. You fail to complete your shoulder turn through finish, causing you will to lose accuracy and yardage.

With Long Leverage, Gain Great Power

Need for more power and distance.

Hit From a Powderly Lie

Your ball is in or surrounded by pine needles, twigs, leaves, or dirt. Remember, you cannot move the ball without taking a penalty. If you remove anything from under the ball and it moves, you need to replace the ball and add a on a stroke before even taking the shot.

The Ball Is Below Your Feet

Getting a fade, slice, or duffing because the toe of your club touches the ground first and opens the face of the club.

The Ball Is Above Your Feet

Getting a draw, hook, or duffing the ball when it is lying above your feet because this makes the ball actually closer to your club than it would be if you were on a flat surface. The heel of the club touches the ground first and closes the face of the club.