Category: Mental Disruptions

On the Go Stretches

You do not have time to stretch and prepare for your round of golf.

Drive In Play

You play poorly on holes that are either very long or narrow.


You want to increase the power and velocity of your swing.

Target Net

You need to work on your consistency and trajectory with your iron shots.

Zazen Breaths

You have difficulty relaxing before making your putts.

Hard or Soft Swing

You need to decide between using two clubs. Your options are to hit a hard shorter iron or a soft longer iron.

Poor Tempo

You do not have a smooth swing due pausing too long at the top of your backswing. This causes you to pull the club down hard to in an attempt to make up for the deceleration in your swing. You will likely hit the ball fat or have other undesirable results.

The Perfect Shot

We love it when we make the perfect shot and often expect it to happen again every time we try to repeat it. When you fail duplicate that shot it causes your game to fall apart.

Match Play Mindset

You focus too much on your opponents shots regardless of their success. This places unnecessary pressure on yourself and it causes you to play poorly.

Block out the Obstacles

Each time you are faced with first tee jitters, water hazards, or other obstacles, you lose confidence and fail to make a smooth or successful drive.