Category: Mental Disruptions

Putting Yips

You have the yips and you have already tried to cure them with positive thoughts with no success.

When to Switch Balls on the Course

If you are playing just to practice and you approach a water hazard or a tough shot, you switch to a dingy ball you found on the course. You are usually glad you did because the ball went just where you didn?t want it to go.

Chipping Yips

You shank, top, or hit the ball thin because you jerk the club or the clubhead is taking an upswing instead of a downward blow.

Learn to Ignore the Hazards

You have to make a shot over a water hazard or a sand bunker. Every time you approach a shot like this, you focus too much on what you do not want to do and somehow that is exactly what happens.

When a Good Game Goes Bad

You are having a good round and it goes to your head; you start thinking about what your score could be and you psych yourself out.

Tension Kills the Game

When your arms are too tense, it prevents a natural flowing swing, then the ball will fly erratically and you will lose distance.

Seniors Regain Power

How to compensate for lost distance because of a diminished ability to turn the shoulders due to ageing. Seniors are more likely to bury their chin at address and are therefore unable to turn your shoulders properly.

Forget Your Mistakes and Play Better

You have trouble putting mistakes behind you, dwelling on the holes you have already played or holes you will play.

First Tee Jitters

Unable to relax, focus, or swing as you normally would at the first tee of the game.

Waggle Correctly or Not at All

Waggling can leave the club too far inside if not done correctly. Remember, if you wait any longer than 8 seconds of addressing the ball, whatever picture you formed in your mind begins to fade.