Category: Mental Disruptions

All in the Details

You feel as if you are overlooking something in your setup routine.

Aggressive Strategy

You play with aggressive players that play well and you wish to do the same.

Relax By Breathing

You have a difficulty relaxing while you play golf.

Worst Shot

You have one shot or club that you cannot make and dread it every time you play.

Golf Vacation

You are going to play a lot of golf on your next vacation and are worried that it will feel more like work than it is fun.

Last Thought

You cannot block out all of the trouble areas on the course. You spend so much time worrying about hitting in them, that it is exactly where the ball lands.

Opponent Frustration

You have an opponent that plays better when you play horrible.

No Par

Your score is much higher than you want it to be.

Practice Breathing

You have a difficulty relaxing while you golf.

Controlling Putt

You have a short distance to putt the ball and it should be easy for you. However, you cannot make a smooth stroke because you are trying to control or guide the ball to the cup. Even knowing this is the problem, it is hard to stop yourself from doing it.