Category: Mental Disruptions

Cure for Anxiety

You are unable to recover once you become stressed out on the course.

Play Hard

You and your friends always play a relaxed and fun round. However, once you play in a tournament, you do not play as well as you should.

Play Dead

You need to get the tension out of your arms and hands.

Pressure Killer

Anxiety destroys your rhythm and your round.

Regain Focus

You can be playing golf for 30 minutes and suddenly you no longer feel comfortable with your swing. This greatly decreases the accuracy of your game.

Bad Clubs

There are several clubs in your bag that you do not feel comfortable playing and you do not have time to practice them before your next round.

Trying to Rattle You

You are easily psyched out by comments made by other players while golfing.

Scoring Thoughts

You do not seem to play well until after playing out several holes.

A Good Finish

You need more power but cannot seem to stop focusing on every detail of your swing.

Aggravated Golfer

You become very aggravated after hitting a bad shot.