Category: Mental Disruptions

Pooling Water

You are one of the last groups in a tournament to play. You feel that you are at a disadvantage because it just rained really hard after several other groups have finished playing.

Short Term Memory

Once you make a mistake on the course, you begin to hit poorly.

Par 5

You are playing a par 5 and cannot afford to take a lot of shots.

Going the Distance

You really wish you could hit just a little further than usual on this next shot.

Know Your Lie

You have a harder time making good contact with the ball while playing on the course than you do at the driving range.

Practice Mentality

You are always trying to improve some aspect in your game. This often causes tension when you are playing because you cannot stop thinking about the details in your swing.

Natural Flow

You have great rhythm and flow during your practice swing but lack this grace when you actually hit the ball.

Unrealistic Goals

You do not play as well as you need to play, especially in competitions. You then become irritated or angry and play even worse.

Perfect Golf Swing

You can never seem to hit a perfect shot and find a series of endless flaws in your swing. Once you fix one mistake, you find another aspect of your game that needs improvement.

Stressed Out Golfer

You are always up tight and your game suffers because of it.