Category: Mental Disruptions

Relate to the Club

You have had so many swing errors in the past that you find yourself thinking a lot about swing mechanics while you are playing.

Love Golf

You love the game of golf. However, you rarely enjoy the game as you are playing a round.

Your Job

You cannot relax on the course.

Practice Swing Trouble

Your practice swing felt great but you can never swing exactly like you did when you try to hit the ball.

Nearsighted Focus

You get stressed out around the green during tournaments.

Reverse It

You are always stressed out about the first few holes of your round or cannot seem to hit the ball well until you reach the 4th tee box.


You do not have enough time to fully practice your swing before a round but you do have a few minutes to wait before you can start.

Pace and Tempo

You are anxious about your putt because it is almost the exact same line as another player that is putting just before you.

Robotic Golfer

Practice out on the range feels too technical or mechanical while you are preparing for a round. Because of this, you are tense and play poorly.

What You Want

You know what kind of swing you do not want to make yet that is exactly the kind of swing that you make.