Category: Mental Disruptions

Tee Jitters

You can never seem to get a good drive off of one specific tee box.

Difficult Opponent

You cannot seem to beat your friend or opponent at golf and you play your worst rounds when playing with this person.

Happy Easter

Golf feels more stressful than fun or your hands shake just before impact.

Write Your Score

You and your friends play without including any penalties and minor mishits.


People are always telling you to be positive, yet it does not seem to help.

Picture Perfect

You cannot stop hitting the ball in the exact location you vowed not to hit it at.

Guiding It

You try to be too careful and hit a push the ball when you are under pressure.


There is nothing you can think of or do to help reduce your stress on the course.

Overthinking It

You have been trying too hard to hit the ball a certain way. Because of this, you have not been able to hit the ball.

Commit To It

Anytime you play it safe, you mess up the shot.