Category: Mental Disruptions

Congratulate Yourself

You get depressed every time you hit a poor shot.

Safe Odds

You want to find a strategy that will help you improve your game around the green.

Over Thinking It

You look at your line from every direction possible and have worked on your aiming until it is very precise at home, yet you are still missing an excessive amount of putts.

Your Tee Box

You get distracted or stressed out on the tee box by other players.

Positive Visualization

You hit every water, tree, and bunker that you so desperately want to avoid.

Stress Over the Ball

You are relaxed but as soon as you set up to the ball, you get stressed out and are unsure about your swing, feel, and even your stance.

Fun Player

You are by far, the worst player in your group.

Disruptive Players

The other players in your group are distracting you.

Think Practice

Once you have determined that you have a bad lie, you are guaranteed to mess up the shot.


You are anxious about your next shot.