Category: Mental Disruptions

Tournament Blues

Even when your game is going well, once you notice how the other players are doing, your game goes downhill.


Once you hit a few bad shots, you let it get to you and your game progressively becomes worse.

Stressed Match

You have a big match coming up and you are nervous about it.

Replacement Shot

You hit a horrible shot and it throws off the rest of your round.

Work Disruptions

You are distracted with work while playing golf.

Mental Focus

You lose your mental focus shortly after you set up to the ball and hit inconsistently.


You forget your preshot routine when you play due to feeling rushed.

Focus Like a Pro

You face a narrow fairway or have a limited amount of room where the ball can land.

Gimmie Putts

You miss a putt that is four feet away from the pin or closer.

Arms and Body

You have the sensation that your arms are not connected with your body during the swing.