Category: Mental Disruptions

Tournament Mindset

You get nervous before playing in a big tournament and your game suffers because of it.

The Stiff Player

You stretch and have tried thinking just about everything possible to relax but your muscles are still stiff and this prevents proper rotation and contact with the ball.

First Few Holes

You have noticed that the first few holes you play are the worst, every time you play.

Swing Freely

You are too uptight or stressed when swinging and this causes you to hit inconstantly.

Wrong Club

You overestimate your abilities or take less of a club than you should. This might be because you are playing with someone who can get the same distance with a 7 iron when you need to use a 3 iron.

Eyes Closed

You want to develop a smoother swing.

Laying Up

You really need to par or better on the next hole.

Getting Help

You are suddenly playing poorly and want to know when you need to get professional help for your swing.

Driver Yips

Your tee shots are very unpredictable and you cannot pinpoint a cause for it. You might even notice a jerking sensation in your arms or hands at impact.

Practice Wisely

You want to increase your chances of winning your next round.