Category: Obstacles

The Woods

Your ball landed in the woods. To make matters worse, you noticed that the ball is surrounded by the roots of a tree.

The Restricted Swing

Your backswing or follow through is restricted due to trees, bushes, or other obstacles.

Greenside Cut Shot

There is a hazard or an obstacle blocking a clear shot to the green.

The Low Runner

Needing a low and dependable shot with irons during high wind or you need to shoot under an obstacle on the course.

Tight Fairways

You are about to tee up but notice that the fairway is very narrow or there is brush obstructing a clear shot.

Learn to Ignore the Hazards

You have to make a shot over a water hazard or a sand bunker. Every time you approach a shot like this, you focus too much on what you do not want to do and somehow that is exactly what happens.

How to Punch

There is a crosswind, a headwind, or your ball is stuck in the rough and under a tree or another obstacle, forcing you to take a short and low shot.

The Floater or Parachute Shot

You are in the rough with an obstacle blocking the green. So you need to hit the ball so that it flies high and short with a soft landing.

Sand Bunker Behind a Tree

Your ball is in a sand bunker and you must hit past a tree in order to make it to the green.

How to Hit a Ball While on Your Knees

You need to hit under trees or other obstacles and you do not want to take a penalty for an unplayable lie.