Category: Obstacles

Hit From a Powderly Lie

Your ball is in or surrounded by pine needles, twigs, leaves, or dirt. Remember, you cannot move the ball without taking a penalty. If you remove anything from under the ball and it moves, you need to replace the ball and add a on a stroke before even taking the shot.

Hit Over a Water Hazard

You need to hit over a water hazard. Most mistakes occur here because you do not take enough club. Players are afraid of over shooting and getting in trouble but you will have even bigger problems if you do not take a long enough club.

Hitting the High Draw

Need to avoid obstacles in the fairway or make it around a dogleg with a powerful shot.

South Paw Swing for an Unplayable Lie

Trees, bushes, or other obstacles that can prevent you from addressing the ball. This is great if you would rather get the ball out and a little further away than you would if you had to take an unplayable lie.

Texas Turn Down

You need to bounce the ball to the green when a bushes or trees are obstructing the lob shot or if a bump and run would leave the ball in the long rough. The Texas Turn Down can land the ball short of the green with enough over spin to bounce forward and run close to the pin.

How to Get a Draw and a Fade

Needing a draw or a fade to make it around doglegs or other obstacles.