Category: Physical Limitations

The Pregnant Golfer

You are five months or more pregnant but are having balance or pendulum problems when playing golf. The real predicament is that as you reach the top of your swing or forward swing, your belly is still on the backswing and by the time your arms have finished your follow though, your stomach…

Arm Tension

Your upper body is too rigid. This causes you to lose distance as well as accuracy.

Lift Your Heel Up

You feel that you lack the flexibility for a full swing.

Shake Your Head

Your neck hurts the day after playing a round. You also have to put in extra effort to keep your head down during the entire swing.

Sweaty Hand

Your gloved hand is often wet inside, giving you an uncomfortable grip.

Know Your Body

Your distances are inconsistent on a daily basis.

Shoulder Pain

You experience shoulder pain the day after a round of golf.

Ankle Pain

You have ankle pain but still want to play a round of golf.

Wrist Pain

You have arthritis in your thumb, tendinitis, or wrist pain.

Golfers Elbow

You have pain in your elbow after a round of golf.