Category: Physical Limitations

Weight Gain

Due to gaining extra weight, you are having difficulties swinging your arms past the front of your body. So you hunch or hang your upper body over the ball in order to make contact with it.

Step Into It

You need to improve weight transfer.

Legs Together

You are overusing your body to compensate for inadequate hip and shoulder turn, poor wrist cock, contact, or balance.

Prevent Swaying

Swaying or sliding during your backswing and want longer drives.

Golf Exercises

You shift too much or sway instead of turn during your backswing due to poor abdominal muscle strength. This causes your upper body to move past your back leg, preventing the proper upper body rotation needed for a powerful swing.

Stabilize the Hips

You need to improve your balance or notice that your lower body is overactive as you swing due to a loss of flexibility.

Cutting Across the Ball

You slice severely because you cut across the ball on your tee shot. Your might have lifted your forward heel up off of the ground during your backswing or allowed your back shoulder to lean forward during your forward swing, causing you to swing over the top.

Foot Angle

You are uncertain how you should angle your feet or find that you are losing power or swaying due to angling your feet incorrectly.

Putting Yips

You have the yips and you have already tried to cure them with positive thoughts with no success.

Grips for the Yips

You are unable to make smooth putting strokes during short putts due to jerking or pushing the putter. Sometimes you might even notice a tingling sensation or are unable to stay still when standing over the ball.