Category: Physical Limitations

Angle Your Feet for More Control

Decreased flexibility can prevent proper hip rotation and therefore power, causing you to sway during your backswing. This is a very common problem for senior golfers because their muscles tighten as they age, inhibiting a proper turn for a full swing.

Replace Your Tilt with a Turn

Tilting your shoulders down in attempt to keep your head still. This results in limited turn and distance, an improper weight shift, and picking the club up for an irregular swing. You are more likely to favor your short irons because this problem occurs most when you are using your woods…

Overusing Hands and Wrists While Putting

Putts are unpredictable because you move your wrists too much during the stroke.

Stop swaying

Over shifting or swaying right during your backswing because your upper body gets outside of your right leg and your leg straightens. This can cause pull hooks, shanks, ground balls, or hitting the ball right.

A Three Dimensional Swing for Better Contact

Failure to make proper contact with the ball due to a poor swing; causing you to hook, slice, top, or duff. You fail to make solid contact if you move your right elbow up and down because you don?t get the depth you need to make a full backswing turn.

Prevent Tilts and Sways in Your Swing

Many people sway or tilt during their swing because they are not turning at the hips correctly. This will cause you to over swing your arms, prevent a proper weight shift, and take the club off of its swinging path.

Wearing Bifocals Can Harm Your Swing

Wearing bifocal or trifocal glasses can offset your balance and swing. This often happens because you are trying to see below the bifocal or trifocal lenses in order to look at the ball. This will cause you to lower your chin and offset your balance.