Category: Power

Lunging Forward

You have a loss of distance and notice that you tend to lunge towards the ball or feel like you are falling forward during your follow through.

Snap at Impact

You want to learn how to snap your wrists at impact for more powerful drives.

Different Coil

You want to try a different driving style that coils for more power.

Glove Drill

When you swing, your arms and body are out of sync, causing your arms to fly out independently of your body. As a result you have poor contact and distance. You might notice that when you try to apply extra power on the ball that it hooks to the left.

Driving Low

You want extra distance or it is windy so you need to keep the ball low.

Too Low

You lose distance and control because your takeaway is too low to the ground or you are trying too hard to create power.


You want to increase the power and velocity of your swing.

Reverse Pivot

You lose distance because you allowed your back shoulder to drop into a reverse pivot.

Speed 101

In an effort to gain a more powerful swing and subsequently more distance, you try to swing too hard with your upper body, causing a breakdown in mechanics and proper sequencing during your downswing; leading to a decrease of power and speed.

Powerful Backswing Coil

You wish to improve your ball striking ability and driving distance by learning how to coil properly.