Category: Power

Solid Contact Starts With a Forward Tilt

Slouching or ignoring proper posture at address causing you to move your body up and down, lose balance, distance, and take the club off the proper swing path. If your body is slouching or tipped to far forward, it will cause an open clubface for the ball to be pushed towards the right. …

Seniors Regain Power

How to compensate for lost distance because of a diminished ability to turn the shoulders due to ageing. Seniors are more likely to bury their chin at address and are therefore unable to turn your shoulders properly.

Drills To Help You Gain a Wide Swing Arc

You need to improve your swinging technique to gain extra yardage. You fail to complete your shoulder turn through finish, causing you will to lose accuracy and yardage.

With Long Leverage, Gain Great Power

Need for more power and distance.

Hitting Harder at Impact

Straightening your arms too quickly and reducing the power of your swing.

Pre Turn for Leverage

You have trouble with your takeaway and have a need to maximize leverage for a more powerful swing.


Needing compression for better ball flight in both distance and direction.

Brace For More Power

Slicing, hitting fat, or topping.

Prevent Tilts and Sways in Your Swing

Many people sway or tilt during their swing because they are not turning at the hips correctly. This will cause you to over swing your arms, prevent a proper weight shift, and take the club off of its swinging path.

Find a Sweet Spot for Sweet Shots

Hitting off of the toe or heel of the club face causing hooking, slicing, or poor distance. Teeing the ball up to high can cause you to make contact too low on the clubface.