Category: Power

Stiff Backswing

Your backswing feels stiff and you are losing power because of this.

Scrub Your Walls

You want longer drives or need to find new ways to keep in shape for golf.

South Paw Drill

You need a drill that will help you create a full follow through.

The Hang Back

You want to hit more powerful drives.

Extra Knee Flex

You need to create leverage for a more powerful swing.

Matching Weight Shift

You are not getting as much power as you usually do.

More Leverage

You want to create more leverage for a more powerful swing.

Impact on the Clubface

You want more clubhead speed and distance.

Keep It Simple

You are caught up thinking about tons of details about your golf swing that you are no longer getting the distances you need from your drives.

Forced Weight Shift

You lift the heel on your leading foot as you take the club back and lift your trailing heel up during your forward swing; yet you are slicing or are not seeing the power you expected from this technique.